• Greg James

Where do you Find your Worth?

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

External Evaluation of Your Worth Will Always Lead to Disappointment

Society teaches us that our worth is determined by the opinion of others. Your parents, your teacher, your tutor, your boss and even your spouse may all tell you whether or not you are doing a ‘good enough’ job in their eyes.  There are some key words at the end there;  “In their eyes.”   It happens so frequently and over so many years that eventuality we learn to tune out our own voice.   The voice that wants to shout over all the noise and say: “You are good enough as you are”

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About the author Greg James is a counsellor with a desire to see people set free from the patterns of the past. Trained integratively, Greg is able to tailor his approach to the individual needs of clients and strongly believes that our lived experience has a profound effect on our present-day living. He works out of offices in Devizes & Chippenham as well as online.

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