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Session Rates

Therapy is an ongoing commitment to your growth and well being.  The at-depth work that we will do together requires commitment and regular attendance to be effective.   The benefits of talking and somatic therapies are well-founded but it's worth noting that the work we do together every week is the tip of the iceberg.  Much of the work takes place in those ordinary spaces between sessions, where you can apply new insights, perspectives and tools to your life and your relationships. Therapy is a catalyst for change and for deep compassion.  It promotes a profound understanding of what it is to be human; what it is to be you.   

My rates reflect my specialism, experience and training in somatic experiencing and psychotherapy. Working almost exclusively with trauma is demanding both mentally and physically and, alongisde personal experience, there is a plethora of research on the long-term impact of trauma work has on therapists . To this end, specialist trauma and body-centric supervision and careful caseload management is required to ensure that your sessions are safe and competently facilitated. Continued training is needed to keep up to date with current treatment plans for issues that may arise in our sessions and this is a core part of the way I work to best support you. 

Testimonials . . .

"There's a peace along with the self confidence and belief that's continuing to grow session by session and it's having such a positive impact on my life right now."

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