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Resilience through Somatic Awareness

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We have two somatic training programmes that offer invaluable support for individuals dedicated to helping others, particularly those vulnerable to secondary trauma and chronic stress. By focusing on the body-mind connection, these programs equip caregivers and support personnel with practical tools to manage the physical and emotional toll of their work. The cost of chronic stress on the health care system in the UK is £11 billion. Chronic illness, also on the rise, has a considerable impact on mental health, and personal financial loss for the person who finds themselves on long-term leave or out of work, with a 38% rise in 2023 in stress-related work absences reported in 2023.

The call for effective strategies to combat the impact of chronic stress on workers has never been more important and the knowledge and strategies, based on Somatic Experiencing®, are a proven intervention for these issues. Participants learn to connect the mind with the physical sensations associated with stress or threat. By doing so, they can release tension, cultivate resilience, and attune more effectively to their own needs as well as the needs of others. This holistic approach enables them to navigate the challenges of supporting others without compromising their well-being. Somatic Resilience training fosters somatic self-awareness and empowers individuals to establish healthy boundaries, promoting not only their own mental and emotional balance but also enhancing the quality of care they provide to those they assist.

£ - Pricing is dependent upon the course booked and the number of attendees and, therefore, will be quoted on an individual basis. Please email with your requirements.

1. Principles of Somatic Resilience

​This foundational half day workshop is designed to introduce participants to the principles of Somatic Resilience 

  • Develop a working understanding of the differences between, and associated symptoms of burnout, compassion fatigue, secondary stress disorders and vicarious trauma.

  • Cultivate awareness of the nervous system's structure and functions, specifically the sympathetic and parasympathetic branches. Understand survival physiology and its impact on stress responses.

  • Learn how to connect the felt senses to our cognitive understanding of emotion.

  • Acquire the ability to identify signs of stress and secondary trauma, enabling participants to proactively manage their well-being and recognise potential challenges in others.

  • Identifying and practicing resources that can be deployed in the service of sustained personal and professional well-being. Linking these to the felt sense of safety.

  • Equip participants with practical tools and strategies for self-care, empowering individuals to take an active role in their well-being.

  • How helping oneself can lead to the wellbeing of those you work with.

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Support Group Meeting
Support Group Meeting

2. Somatic Training Programme

​This workshop is for those who have already attended the foundational programme. Taking the principles in the previous workshop, participants will learn, through teaching and experiential exercises, how to implement somatic strategies in the service of the people they help. 

Details to follow....


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