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Boarding School Syndrome: is there cause for concern?

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

My research on the psychological impact of sending children away to boarding school has been peer reviewed and published in the British Journal of Psychotherapy. It is open access, and free to read and share with others.

Abstract: A scarcity of literature pertaining specifically to independent boarding schools leads the author to examine child developmental theory, peer victimization in the British Army, trauma within captivity, boarding school syndrome, and adaptive behaviours. In conclusion, it is clear from this research that more time and effort is needed to understand the psychological impact of sending children away from home to be schooled, socialized and parented institutionally. In particular, the ethos and traditions associated with British and colonial schools, and the way in which these things are preserved warrants further study as it appears to be a significant source of the attitude toward children in boarding schools. I hope you find it helpful

You can download and read the article online by clicking here or

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