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Counselling For Men

Counselling for men need not look any different to any other therapy. We’re all human and we all bleed when we’re wounded.  The fundamental difference between most men and women in our society is that it is more accepted and expected that women will seek help when they are in crisis.  That has nothing to do with biology.

I think it’s important to recognise the role of socialisation in what we perceive as a masculine male in society. We don’t have to agree with it, we can wish it was different and we can recognise that things are changing for the better, but we also have to be realistic about the fact that those stereotypes do exist for us.

On the whole, men do find it more difficult to ask for help; they are less likely to be emotionally fluent and may prefer a more cognitive approach to mental health support.   There are campaigns and articles out there trying to tackle the problem but in doing so they are, in some ways, cementing the stereotype, making it harder for many men to access those parts of themselves because they believe it’s inherent in their nature rather than a product of their socialisation.

You are human, you fall and you get up just like everyone else. In some seasons of your life, you may need help getting up, and that is not about male or female, weakness or strength. 

It’s just human.

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Counselling for men or men in therapy can look the same for everyone. As a counsellor in Wiltshire I offer counselling services for anger issues, anger management
anxiety, work related stress and other men's issues.  Men seeking help is not a sign of weakness but of strength.a

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