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Lockdown is hard for us all in different ways. It curbs our freedoms, we can go stir crazy with the kids in the house 24/7 while also trying to work remotely. We miss our friends and the normality of nipping into the shop without having to put protective gear on. For some, lockdown means being locked up in an environment that is neither physically nor emotionally safe, and for others, it triggers personal demons from the past. It's undeniably hard on everyone for different reasons. It's a storm we are all having to weather, but our boats are all different. It's difficult for many of us to really imagine the sense of intense loneliness that some people feel during a lockdown. For most of us, our families are still with us in the house, and our friends are just a video chat away. For some though, a lockdown is a prison sentence in solitary confinement with no foreseeable end. For those who live alone and are without families or friends, the beginning of a new day holds no promise and an empty diary is terrifying. If you have a family member or friend who is alone at this time, don't underestimate the joy and the relief of receiving even just a short phone call. To hear another person's voice and connect with another human being is what will help to keep them going. If you aren't able to do this regularly then consider passing the below information on to them so that they can arrange a regular call from one of these services.

There are also services that offer befriending calls during the day or in the evening. Silverline 0800 470 80 90 (National 24/7) Compassionate Hub 0300 247 0050 (B&NES and Wiltshire 9am - 5pm) Breathing Space 01225 983 130 (B&NES and Wiltshire 5.30pm - 11.30pm)

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