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Greg James



Trauma is not what happens to you, but what happens inside of you as a result of what happens to you.

It does not have to be a life sentence.
- Peter Levine & Gabor Mate -


Greg James

Somatic Experiencing Practitioner®,  Psychotherapist
& Somatic Resilience Trainer

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"There's a peace along with the self confidence and belief that's continuing to grow session by session and it's having such a positive impact on my life right now."





Somatic Experiencing®
(Somatic Therapy)

Reconnecting the mind with the body

How does it make you feel?  This is a cliched question of therapists the world over.  Often our answers aren't informed by our bodies but by our meaning making

machine, the brain.  I feel sad, I feel happy, I feel frustrated. Somatic work is integrated naturally into how I work and simply means that we begin to be aware of not just how you perceive your feelings in your head, but where you feel them in your body.  Tightness in the chest or noticing your breathing becoming shallow or your heart rate increasing.  Your brain and body do not exist independently. Becoming aware of how they interact and feed off each other is essential to fully understanding your reactions to stressors in your life and to resolving those trauma responses in the body that become stuck.     

counselling is for everyone. Stress and anxiety are a normal response to life. Counselling can help to manage these stressors in your life

Therapy is for Everyone

Life is Hard

Many people think that their life experience doesn’t warrant therapy, but mental wellbeing is not defined by an absence of adversity. We all have good days and we all have bad days and we all have a threshold at which we find we can no longer cope with the things that are presenting themselves in our lives.

This ability to cope is not a constant thing. Mental health issues do not just happen in extraordinary circumstances, the majority of them happen in very ordinary spaces, and over a prolonged period of time.

Therapy promotes an environment that invites growth, exploration, and understanding of what it is to be human.

This is the journey of life and it is in a state of constant motion. 

Counselling can help to relieve stress, anxiety and panic attacks
counselling for men could be around relationships, work, stress, anxiety and anger management

Men In Therapy

The Role of Socialisation in Masculinity

Counselling for men need not look any different to any other therapy. We’re all human and we all bleed when we’re wounded.  The fundamental difference between most men and women in our society is that it is more accepted, and expected, that women will seek help when they are in crisis.  That has nothing to do with biology.

You are human, you fall down and you get up just like everyone else. In some seasons of your life you may need help getting up. That is not about male or female, weakness or strength.  It’s just human.

counselling for men doesn't look any different to any other counselling.
Burnout training

Somatic Resilience

Evidence-based strategies to build resilience in professionals who struggle with chronic stress and burnout.

"This training is invaluable to frontline workers in organisations who reach out to those affected by trauma and disasters. When working with communities affected by traumas frontline responders usually have to put their own experiences aside, to assist others, even though they may have experienced many personal losses. It is important that we empower and strengthen those individuals who are expected to reach out to others. They are the ones who experience both direct and indirect trauma and need to learn to protect their wellbeing."

Support Group training
counselling for bullying and school issues can help well into adulthood

Bullying or Boarding School Survivors

Reaching Out for Help is a Sign of Strength

The long term effects of bullying cannot be overstated regardless of your age.  Unexplored and left to fester, these experiences work their way into our every day lives and into our relationships with friends and family. 

Boarding School Survivors

Boarding school elicits a very different form of emotional distress, be it an acute sense of neglect, abandonment or feeling of being trapped.  Boarding school adults are often high achieving, competent individuals who find it very difficult to ask for help.  

Adult survivors of boarding school experiences can benefit from counselling

Greg James is a counsellor and trauma psychotherapist in Wiltshire. Somatic therapy. Body therapy.  Greg James and Somatic Experiencing from Peter Levine Greg James works as a counsellor in Bath and as a counsellor psychotherapist in Trowbridge and as a counsellor psychotherapist in Chippenham and online trauma therapy.  He works as a counsellor psychotherapist for anxiety and panic attacks and a psychotherapist and trauma counsellor psychotherapist for car accidents, bullying, sexual assaults, medical trauma, military veterans, childhood trauma and  PTSD, as a counsellor PTSD psychotherapist for men and as a counsellor psychotherapist men's issues and as a counsellor psychotherapist for suicidal ideation. Greg James is a qualified counsellor and psychotherapist and a member of the BACP NCPS British Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists. A somatic psychotherapist can help with trauma, anger, boarding school syndrome, men's issues, counselling  psychotherapist services for men

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