Trauma Informed Therapy

What does it Mean to be Trauma Informed?

As a trauma-informed therapist, I am aware of the impact of trauma and how those experiences threaten a person’s sense of safety and wellbeing.  A trauma-informed approach to therapy, therefore, integrates a thorough knowledge of this impact into every aspect of treatment; emotional, psychological and physical.


What is Trauma?

Trauma is an event or set of events which overwhelms a person’s ability to cope.  Trauma is often thought of as a single significant event such as a car crash, sexual abuse or terrorist incident.  It is all these things, but it can also be experienced as seemingly small things that happen over a prolonged period of time.  Emotional abuse, bullying, the effects of divorce in childhood, long term illness, and bereavement.


Why is it Important that my Therapist be
Trauma Informed?

A trauma-informed therapist recognises that a person may not think of themselves as a trauma survivor and may not be aware of living with the consequences of what they have experienced.   These survivors may be triggered to feel with too much emotional intensity or conversely shut down and be unable to feel anything at all.  It can be confusing and frightening and it is essential that a therapist is able to recognise these signs and be able to work with that person in a way that creates an embodied sense of safety in the room where mind and body are integrated so that they can begin the journey toward healing. 

Read about my somatic approach to trauma treatment here.

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