Counselling for Bullying

Adult Survivors of bullying.
Whether your experience was 3 years ago or 30 years ago it is not uncommon for the effects of prolonged bullying to be felt in every aspect of your life.  It can manifest in the form of anger and irritability, depression and trauma responses such as panic attacks and 

How can counselling help?
help adult survivors of childhood bullying to process the events, to acknowledge the long terms effects and to start to heal from those wounds.  Bullying, be it physical or emotional, by your peers or your teachers, has a profound effect on self-esteem, self-image, and self confidence and can manifest in a variety of different ways. 


Image by Timothy Eberly

How do I know if I'm suffering from the effects of bullying?
People respond to things in different ways.  There is no right and wrong way to respond to the trauma involved in prolonged bullying.  However, some of the signs may be: 

  • Finding yourself avoiding specific types of people, groups or situations.

  • Having an unexplained and physical urge to remove yourself from a situation.

  • Having seemingly unprovoked angry outbursts or when you've been put on the spot or humiliated in some way.

  • Depression: low motivation, fatigue.

  • Anxiety: avoidance of social situations, intense feelings of fear or panic.

  • Urges to hurt other people   

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Bullying by peers

Bullying by teachers

The majority of teachers have the best of intentions and very few will purposefully bully children.  However, we are all human and we all bring a certain amount of trauma and pain from our own lives into our work.  Counsellors are specifically trained in this area to ensure that our own experiences do not colour our sessions with clients.  


Boarding School Survivors

Boarding school is an alien environment for a child. Having spent the first 8-13 years of your life in the comfort and safety of your own home, you are thrust into an unnatural environment that purports to be a second home but falls tragically short of the mark.  For those who didn't choose to attend a boarding school, the sense of neglect and abandonment by parents is very real.

Whether you chose to or not, attending boarding school is an eat or be eaten environment and a child quickly learns that a thick skin and a strong mask (or stiff upper lip) is an efficient way to survive. 

Over a long period of time these survival strategies push the child part of you further and further into the subconscious until you are no longer able to access